The people who run this place!

The dedicated staff team that helps vACC Thailand operate on a day-to-day basis. Meet them here!

John Holt ACCTHA1

vACC Director. In-Charge of all the staff in Thailand and oversees all operations.

Patrik Yngver ACCTHA2

vACC Deputy Director. Works along with the vACC Director and oversees all operations.

Tony Koskinen ACCTHA3

vACC Training Director. In-Charge of all training operations regarding ATC in Thailand.

Julian Hill ACCTHA4

vACC Events Director. In-Charge of all vACC Events.

Dieter Schulz ACCTHA5

vACC Facilities Engineer. In-Charge of keeping all ATC Sectorfiles up-to-date.

Johan Tiesinga ACCTHA6

vACC Webmaster. In-Charge of all webservices for vACC-THA.