Becoming a controller

Do you think you've got what it takes to become a controller within Thailand? Great!
To become a controller in Thailand you first need to become a member of VATSIM. Not a member yet? Go to to join VATSIM. To start as quickly as possible be sure to fill in 'Asia' as your preferred country and 'Southeast Asia (VATSEA)' as division.
Once your account has been approved you'll need to join the Thailand vACC. The process to do so will be instructed on the Trainee Dashboard.

If you're a new VATSIM member it's highly advised to get some pilot hours and/or ATC Observing hours. This will help you get a feel of what to expect as a pilot and as a controller.

As an Air Traffic Controller, you'll be going through several 'ratings' which indicate your current capabilities. These ratings are dictated by the Global Ratings Policy. As a starting controller, you will be training for S1 and will be responsible for Airway Clearance and Ground Movement on the wonderful Suvarnabhumi airport.

A 'Cargolux' Boeing 747-800 on final for 01L at VTBS

To start the training process you'll need to log in through the VATSIM SSO. To do so click on the 'Login' button on the top right of the page. On that page, you'll be able to securely log in with your VATSIM credentials and VATSIM will provide us with your information to start your journey as Air Traffic Controller.

Once you've joined our site you'll be able to see the 'Trainee Dashboard' (My Account section -> ATC Training) in which you'll be able to request to join the Thai vACC. If you're already a controller of another vACC you'll be registered as a visiting controller.

Photo of Suvarnabhumi's free standing control tower by Nutjaru (CC BY-SA 4.0)